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It's Been a Long Run...

As of May 28, 2013 Feed2JS is no longer a free hosted service. But it lives on as open source code...


I tried to Kill It…

but the zombie refused to die.

Feed2JS has a new server home, still free, still open, and no ads. Thanks to Brian Teller, we have a new home.

You can tell you are there is the Feed2JS home page looks like this:


It may take up to 48 hours for the DNS changes to reflect this.



First Step, Code on github

The source code for Feed2JS has been migrated from Google code to github- you can find it here to host your own or hopefully to contribute to the code.

Future Home of Feed2JS

After the closure of the hosted Feed2JS site, future traffic will be sent here as an informational site. Here you will find alternatives for Feed2JS as well as details for hosting the service for your own site.

Many site may not get the information in time, but all that will happen is that the feed content will be skipped, e.g. leaving a blank spot. If this is a sidebar on your site, the impact will be none. If you rely on the service, well, there will be a gaping hole.

I tested this by creating a simple page with a Feed in it, and changed the URL of the calling PHP script so it would return a error message from the serber, and skipping the feed attempt. On a normal Feed2JS attempt, this would just leave a blank spot.

Related news will be posted here.. if there is anything.